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Our team of professionals can handle any job, big or small. We can help with Home repairs or remodels. We do everything from fixing leaky faucets to installing new light fixtures. Plus, our flexible scheduling options ensure that we work around your busy schedule. Call us today!

The team of handyman experts at Queen City Home Renovation is here to help with any job

Owning or renting a home comes with many responsibilities. From keeping the paint up to par to fixing appliances and installing new fixtures, it can take a lot of work to keep every detail of your house in perfect condition. If you own a home, you might also want to renovate your home and add on new spaces and features, increasing the amount of space and number of appliances you need to maintain.  

No matter whether you need a simple bathroom sink repair, need an entire interior home repaint or have a large carpentry project in mind, our team of handyman experts at Queen City Home Renovation is here to help you every step of the way, from planning out your idea to ultimately implementing it. If you can name it, we can do it.

Our Handyman Services Process

  1. Customer contacts handyman to request service
  2. Handyman schedules appointment to assess job and provide estimate
  3. Customer agrees to estimate and schedules date and time for work to be completed
  4. Handyman arrives at customer’s home on the scheduled date and time
  5. Handyman completes work as agreed upon
  6. Handyman cleans up work area and ensures customer satisfaction
  7. Handyman leaves and customer is invoiced for the work
  8. Payment is typically due at time of invoicing.

Queen City Home Renovation handyman services typically involve a wide range of home repairs and maintenance tasks performed by a skilled professional.

These services can include, but are not limited to:

Interior Painting​

If the paint on your walls is chipping and peeling, or the color just doesn’t appeal to you anymore, it is probably time for a fresh coat. After all, repainting your walls regularly can increase the value of your home, make you more comfortable in your own space, and even protect your walls!

While you might be tempted to attempt to paint or repaint your home’s interior yourself, there are numerous benefits to calling professional interior painters instead. Professional interior painters like those at Queen City Home Renovation have years of professional painting experience, meaning that they know what they are doing and can complete the job efficiently and accurately.


It can be hard to find carpenters near you in Queen City that check all of the boxes and fit all of your needs for a project. You need an experienced team of carpenters that are not just professionals but experts at what they do.

At Queen City Home Renovation, we offer home carpentry projects including but not limited to: Shelves. Countertops. Tabletops. Ceiling work. Floor work

We offer custom woodwork for all your home project needs. We also offer repairs and replacements; if you have doors or window frames, or that have long needed replacing, you should solve the problem as soon as possible to keep your building or living space safe and comfortable.

Custom Cabinets

Your kitchen should be a place where you are happy to spend time, and it should reflect your personal style, just like all of the other rooms in your home. To help your kitchen represent your personal interior design style preference, you should consider purchasing custom cabinetry. Unlike those that offer pre-finished cabinets, companies that make custom cabinets in Charlotte, NC, can create them in endless colors, styles, and designs. At Queen City Home Renovation, we also offer custom upgrades and unique features to suit your family’s tastes and needs.

Furniture Assembly

If you’ve ever tried to assemble a piece of furniture by yourself, you probably know how challenging it can be. Some pieces of furniture come with confusing instructions that might take you hours to figure out, while others come with seemingly endless tiny parts, nuts, and bolts that you need to figure out how to piece together.

Thankfully, though, you don’t have to put together all of your new furniture yourself. Queen City Home Renovation is here to help you assemble any piece of furniture you can think of – from desks to bookcases to sofas to TV stands. We can do it all. We’ll help you along every step of the way, from unboxing your furniture to putting it together and removing all of the trash afterward. To seamlessly integrate new furniture in your home in Charlotte, NC, it’s a much better idea to call a furniture assembly company than to attempt to do it all on your own.

Window Treatments

Custom window treatments are a great way to make your living spaces more beautiful and functional. Choosing a window treatment for each window and each room requires you to consider several factors, such as which window treatment is best and whether it needs to offer features such as privacy or suit a certain style. Window treatments include blinds, shutters, custom drapes, and curtains.

Queen City Home Renovation offers multiple options for window treatments, and our inventory is up to date with the latest styles. Our expert renovators can help you choose a style that speaks to you and fits your space, then install it for you.

Bathroom Fixes​

Bathrooms are one room in the house that you and your family will use each and every day without fail. As a result, the fixtures, surfaces, and appliances in the bathroom tend to see some wear and tear over time. Neglecting damage to your bathroom fixtures can cause much larger problems in the long term, so it is important to address them as soon as you notice them. If you’re looking for bathroom fixes in Charlotte, NC, look no further.

Fixture Installation​

From your bathroom sink to your kitchen sink, the fixtures in every room of your house say a lot about both your style and the functionality of your home. Installing new fixtures properly can increase your home value and ensure that you are more comfortable while living there. Queen City Home Renovation can help you with fixture installation in Queen City, from kitchen sinks to bathroom fixtures to garbage disposals; our team of experienced renovators and handymen can help you with any fixture installation you can think of.

Handyman Services

Queen City Home Renovation

It can be hard to find a reliable, fast, and trustworthy handyman company in Queen City that suits all of your needs and can fulfill all of your projects. You don’t want to work with just anyone; you want to work with a team of experts that cares about your needs and is passionate about the work they do. If you’re looking for a team of truly experienced handymen who will be there for any project you need them for, look no further than Queen City Home Renovation. Our team of experts is here to help with any home renovation or handyman projects you need, including fixture installations, furniture assembly, custom window treatments, and more.